E573: News Roundtable! Google’s Alphabet, Amazon heat, Ashley Madison scorched earth, WTF Stock Market, ethics of watching real-life violent content




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News Roundtable! Joining Jason today is Cade Metz, Senior Writer at Wired, and Jeff Bercovici, SF Bureau Chief for Inc. It’s been an eventful couple weeks to say the least, and our panelists get right into. Kicking off is all things Google & Alphabet, which Cade covered extensively, into the Amazon controversy and work culture debate, next WTF is up with the Stock Market!? including, naturally, the latest on are we in a bubble-or-what, Ashley Madison hack scandal continues to drop jaws and erode any remaining illusions of online privacy, and the ethics of watching violent, terrorist-generated content online.

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  • Paul Towers

    Great discussion, especially on the Amazon story. As always there are two sides to the story but on the balance of what I have read it either seems people agree that it is a very demanding work environment but they put up with it due to the rewards the company offers, or they stay for as long as possible and then become “wanted” talent given everyone else knows what its like to work there and if you can make it at Amazon, you can make it anywhere.