E673: News Roundtable! Cade Metz of Wired & Ellen Huet of Bloomberg talk Apple event, a16z & WSJ haggle over returns, Theranos, startups tightening belts, Airbnb anti-discrimination policy, burrito-bearing drones, Burning Man & more



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News Roundtable! Cade Metz of Wired and Ellen Huet of Bloomberg are in the studio to talk with Jason about the latest tech news. On tap: the Apple event and what was relevant (anything?), the Andreessen Horowitz and The Wall Street Journal kerfuffle over a16z’s returns, the never-ending train wreck that is Theranos, startups such as Hotel Tonight cutting back and tightening belts, burrito-bearing drones, Burning Man, Airbnb’s new anti-discrimination policy, and more.

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