E695: News Roundtable! Dave Mathews (NewAer) & Iain Thomson (The Register) on 2016 best & 2017 bets: Apple follies, drones rising, hacking everywhere, Putin in play, Trump’s tech, self-driving bets, fake Facebook



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News Roundtable! Dave Mathews (NewAer) and Iain Thomson (The Register) join Jason to tackle 2016’s biggest stories and 2017’s best bets. The trio starts by dissecting Apple and its disastrous decisions, stepping into high gear with the rise of the Drones, the latest major hack(s) in an especially hackalicious year (thanks Yahoo), not to mention Russia and possibly Putin himself hacking into the U.S. election, the steps up and back for self-driving autos (with sushi bets, naturally), Trump’s surreal summit with tech illuminati, Facebook fake news destroying the world, and more.

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