E558: News Roundtable! Reddit’s game of thrones, tech outages seemingly everywhere, hackers gone wild, sex scandals, equity crowdfunding, luxury pot on demand (finally!), Tinder verified



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**apologies: audio low in spots during first 10 min**  News Roundtable! Today joining Jason is Nellie Bowles of Re/code and Dave Mathews of NewAer. All the happenings at Reddit this week, plus predictions!! (Amazingly, some are proved right and some wrong — not 5 minutes after this show ended!) What’s up with those tech outages at NYSE, United, and WSJ this week — glitches, hackers, end of days? (Dave has a definitive answer.) The first non-accredited investor, equity crowdfunding deal since the Title IV of Jobs Act, in the form of a sweet, 3-wheeled, 2 passenger vehicle. (But would any our panelists drive it?) Meerkat integrates Facebook, luxury pot on demand is FINALLY here, colorful (related) stories involving Nelle’s Greek grandma, 23andMe becoming a unicorn, hackers gone wild, sex scandals and advertising at Cannes Lions, Tinder, Grindr — you name it and our panelists cover it this week!

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