E558: News Roundtable! Reddit’s game of thrones, tech outages seemingly everywhere, hackers gone wild, sex scandals, equity crowdfunding, luxury pot on demand (finally!), Tinder verified




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**apologies: audio low in spots during first 10 min**  News Roundtable! Today joining Jason is Nellie Bowles of Re/code and Dave Mathews of NewAer. All the happenings at Reddit this week, plus predictions!! (Amazingly, some are proved right and some wrong — not 5 minutes after this show ended!) What’s up with those tech outages at NYSE, United, and WSJ this week — glitches, hackers, end of days? (Dave has a definitive answer.) The first non-accredited investor, equity crowdfunding deal since the Title IV of Jobs Act, in the form of a sweet, 3-wheeled, 2 passenger vehicle. (But would any our panelists drive it?) Meerkat integrates Facebook, luxury pot on demand is FINALLY here, colorful (related) stories involving Nelle’s Greek grandma, 23andMe becoming a unicorn, hackers gone wild, sex scandals and advertising at Cannes Lions, Tinder, Grindr — you name it and our panelists cover it this week!

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  • Paul Towers

    Only just had the chance to listen to this episode now and the predictions on Ellen Pao didn’t take long to come to a head with her resignation on the weekend. To be honest the writing was on the wall as soon as that petition was launched. To me that signaled that she had lost the trust of the community. And once you lose the community (much like when a sports coach loses the dressing room) the position becomes untenable. I know she said she resigned due to disagreements with the board over other issues, but you can’t help but think the 200,000+ signatures certainly played their part. Will be interesting to see where Reddit goes next. As Sam Altman mentioned in his AMA Reddit has $50m in cash so they don’t need to monetize better tomorrow, but at some point it does need to happen. An insightful episode as always!

  • Daniel Taibleson

    Pro tip for Nellie, it’s kind of hard to believe that you know what you’re talking about when you start every statement with “I don’t know….”

    Also hurt that Jason and David ripped her apart in the convo about what it takes to be a good VC…They made her look like she didn’t know ANYTHING

  • Daniel Taibleson

    PS – been using InVision and it’s awesome!