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TWiST #139 with Rob Tercek, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Lon Harris on the Roundtable Panel

On this Friday’s News Roundtable Panel, we welcome Rob Tercek, Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb) and Lon Harris (Ranker.com). Hot topics on the docket include Twitter’s acquisition of Tweetdeck, the $10M round raised by social commenting startup Disqus, and the level of privacy you should–or shouldn’t–expect to have on the Web. Plus, the panel offers their picks for documentaries you should watch right now.

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2:00-6:00 Welcome of guests.
6:00-9:15 Discussion of the benefits of joining the TWiST List (got to TwistList.co) and reading of new members’ names.
9:15-10:30 Ad for Trada.
10:30-12:30 Tweetdeck has been purchased by Twitter. Will this acquisition dumb down the product?
12:30-15:30 Tyler: The monetization piece will come from building tools for the marketers.
15:30-16:30 Has Twitter lost credibility among the developer community?
16:30-18:30 Disqus announces a $10 million raise. Is it overly optimistic to say that Facebook isn’t a threat to their business model?
18:30-19:30 What’s the internal ReadWriteWeb discussion? Do you think you need to move to be more competitive with other tech sites?
19:30-21:30 Would Facebook ever add a checkbox that says “make anonymous”?
21:30-24:00 Tyler: Disqus has done a bang-up job of getting you to realize another layer of your comments exists.
24:00-27:30 What did they say they were going to do with the proceeds of the raise?
27:30-31:30 Julian Assange accuses Facebook, Google and Yahoo! of giving user info to US intelligence agencies. Is there a real threat to Americans who put their personal info up on these sites?
31:30-32:30 If info on your Facebook page is open, in plain view, should the government be able to use it? (Watch the clip.)
32:30-34:30 Marshall, what are your thoughts on this? Would it be “illegal search and seizure”?
34:30-37:30 Does that mean that the Chinese have all your data if they can hack the lines?
37:30-38:45 People need to understand their rights and what personal information they have exposed.
38:45-40:30 Insight from Tyler: “It’s like climbing a cactus.”
40:30-41:00 Marshall, what are your last thoughts on the spy machine that is Facebook?
41:00-41:45 Video sharing from Justin.tv’s Socialcam hits the web. Does this have the breakout potential of something like Instagram?
41:45-43:15 Rob: Here’s a product that has no privacy features whatsoever. (Watch the clip.)
43:15-45:30 Is there an insatiable appetite for people to consume this type of content?
45:30-46:00 Marshall: I really like Socialcam but it’s a little bit lonely, not a whole lot of activity.
46:00-47:00 Ad for MailChimp.
47:00-48:00 Does ReadWriteWeb have an email newsletter?
48:00-48:45 Warner Bros. has acquired Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. What’s going to happen here?
48:45-50:30 Rob discusses how UltraViolet was meant to be a way to preserve video on the Web. (Watch the clip.)
50:30-51:45 Why did they cripple the iPad app?
51:45-53:30 What does the do to their relationship with the cable operators?
53:30-54:30 Tyler: I haven’t had a TV since 1992.
54:30-56:30 Discussion of documentaries the panel has viewed. (Need a movie recommendation? Watch the clip.)
56:30-59:00 If you bought the BluRay of a disk, rented it in Netflix and paid to see it in a movie theater, then shared it via BitTorrent, is that ethical?
59:00-1:00:00 Load times for pages has been added to Google Analytics. Marshall, what’s the story?
1:00:00-1:02:00 Google’s offices in South Korea have been raided.
1:02:00-1:04:15 Jason: Google has their own way of going about things, but their approach clashes with the rest of the world sometimes.
1:04:15-1:06:30 LastPass announced that they may have been the target of a hacking attempt. Can a service that exists only to protect private information bounce back from losing your private information?
1:06:30-1:07:30 Jason: What’s going to have to happen in a fluid hacking environment is that we should have the four digit codes that allow you to add a layer of security on top of every transaction.
1:08:00-1:08:30 Thank you to all the guests.
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