E780: News Roundtable! Peter Rojas (Betaworks, prev. Engadget), Iain Thomson (The Register): Tesla two-punch w/Roadster & Semi, Apple AR boom/VR bust, StitchFix & IPO cautions, backflipping robots & future of auto warfare




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1:02 Introduction to today’s show & guests. Topics of discussion include Tesla, Apple, Google, back-flipping robots and more. Guests: Peter Rojas (Partner, Betaworks Ventures), and Iain Thomson (Journalist, The Register)

1:52 Peter Rojas talks about his first L.P. meeting for Betaworks Ventures. And explains his excitement for the upcoming year.  

3:59 Jason talks about the Tesla unveil (November 16, 2017).

6:17 Iain & Peter express their thoughts on Tesla branching out into the trucking space, why it makes sense, and the cost savings that are included with the Semi.

8:39 Jason, Iain & Peter talk about the near future of self-driving trucks, and the advantages for drivers.

10:35 The big Tesla reveal of Roadster 2. Peter & Iain talk about the purpose of this vehicle, and Tesla’s thinking behind it. Jason plans on buying one.

13:10 Should Elon Musk be announcing new products while the Model 3 is experiencing production issues? Peter and Iain explain both sides of the story. Jason explains why he doesn’t care if Tesla products are delayed.

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21:48 Discussion about Apple tripling down on AR. Why did Apple decide not to create a VR headset? Peter explains the reasoning behind this. Peter: “VR ends up looking like a game console business.”

26:19 Will AR glasses end up replacing phones? Peter believes that is many years away. Iain believes we will see true AR glasses on the market after 2020.

BUT, there are many problems to solve first.

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33:14 Apple HomePod discussion. Why is there a delay to market? Why isn’t Siri as good as Alexa or Google Home?

35:24 Jason and Peter talk about what it takes to build a platform. And what Amazon needs to do in order to build the best voice platform.

38:03 Jason shares his frustration for Siri. Iain explains why Siri doesn’t perform well. Peter adds that they aren’t capitalizing on data like Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.

40:45 Discussion about Stitch Fix IPO. Is this the start of the liquidity process? Are companies scared to IPO in fear SNAP’s situation? Peter & Iain share their view on SNAP.

45:54 Jason warns founders not to sell their company if Zuckerberg has an offer for them. And suggests an alternative to stay in the game.  

48:43 Peter discuss why he doesn’t use Facebook. Iain explains the scientific evidence showing Facebook is detrimental to mental health.

50:30 Jason shares his idea for a Facebook Hackathon. To award the best “user-first” Facebook alternative with $250k. Peter explains the difficulties involved to displace Facebook.

52:01 Peter shares his interest in Mastodon.Social. Iain shares what needs to happen before any company can replace Facebook.

56:00 Will Facebook be regulated? Will they be able to buy another Instagram or WhatsApp? Peter believes there will be scrutiny around political advertising. Jason shares an idea for political regulated ads on Facebook.

1:00:50 Discussion about Boston Dynamics “Back-flipping” Robot. The future of robots, regulation, and warfare.

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