E604: News Roundtable: Yahoo! (Yikes!), low IPOs, Zuck’s philanthropy, Alibaba buys media, Bitcoin plot thickens, fundraising landscape now & tomorrow



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News Roundtable! Joining Jason today are Ryan Block (AOL, Engadget) and Brian Alvey (Weblogs Inc., Recurrency), both seasoned and savvy entrepreneurs who are now helming early-stage companies. The trio tackle the latest news, including Yahoo! mess (Yikes!) and Marissa predictions, the interesting 2015 IPO situation (meaning, the lowest # of IPO since 2009), all about Zuckerberg’s philanthropy (only on the Internet can you be criticized for giving away $45b), is the Bitcoin-creator mystery solved or what?, Alibaba buying China’s largest paper and reflections on our own content landscape, the state of fundraising now and what’s to come, Ryan reveals the name of his new company on-air for the first time… (ok, we’ll tell you: Small Wins) — and much more!

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0:00 – 3:26 “Is this show streaming live right now?”

3:27 – 6:23 “Marissa has a really bad messaging problem.”

6:24 – 8:23 “She didn’t buy enough stuff. She bought too much stuff. She didn’t spend enough. She spent too much.”

8:24 – 12:42 “She has not solved the very simple question of, ‘what is Yahoo?’”

14:16 – 17:16 “She never made it clear what the business was and bet on one piece of it.”

17:17 – 20:14 “It’s easier to watch it bleed out… then to bet the farm.”

20:15 – 21:53 “Do you really think Marissa’s gonna sit out though?”

21:54 – 24:05 “Why don’t people go public anymore? Cause you get your ass kicked every quarter.”

24:06 – 26:16 “The tech industry is going to be forced, sooner or later, to address the ridiculousness that is the cruffy public market.”

28:27 – 30:10 “Can we just stop armchair quarterbacking for a second?”

30:11 – 32:12 “If he did it as a non-profit, they’d still be going nuts on him.”

32:13 – 33:09 “A lot of the great change in the world is coming from people doing it through for-profit entities.”

33:10 – 35:18 “Why do we need to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is?”

35:19 – 37:01 “I also really like this idea that Satoshi is a person. Could be a team of people.”

37:02 – 39:17 “The killer bitcoin app… could be too boring for people to care about.”

39:18 – 41:21 “I think in China… I don’t think anyone cares.”

41:22 – 43:43 “I think there’s less news, but I think there’s less appetite for news.”

43:44 – 45:52 “I think the reality is that we have too many big, high-minded… idealistically-driving media companies in the country.”

45:53 – 48:50 “On a smaller scale, you can have a lot of people doing really well.”

48:51 – 51:57 “They’re not scrappy, and they’re gonna have to be scrappy.”

51:58 – 54:15 “It’s poker, it’s math, it’s timing and it’s luck”

54:18 – 56:13 “Serial entrepreneur, five to 10 meetings to one. A regular civilian coming out of the gate, 40 to 50 to one.”

56:14 – 58:35 “You start every meeting with two meters, one is full and one is empty. The risk meter is totally full and the opportunity meter is totally empty.”

58:36 – 60:39 “Product/market fit, in a way, gets easier when the market is down because there’s less noise in the market.”

60:40 – 63:16 “You make me feel like I need to rent my garage out to a startup.”

63:17 – 66:56 “I might do it for the L-O-Ls.”

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