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In the inaugural News Roundtable edition of TWiST, Brian Alvey, Jason Nazar and James Altucher join Jason and Tyler to discuss the hottest topics in startups, tech and investing. Issues bandied about include the Huffington Post to AOL sale, Google’s +1 button and–buzzword of all buzzwords–the infamous, rumored bubble.

3:30-5:30 Ad for MailChimp, a comprehensive email solution for any size business.
5:30-8:30 Arianna Huffington and the AOL sale debate: Should she pay bloggers a one-time bonus?
8:30-11:30 Jason Nazar and Tyler, what are your takes on the issue?
11:30-23:45 A video was released of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant in Zimbabwe. Right or wrong?
23:45-26:00 Google debuted +1 this week. Do you think this is window dressing or is there actually a product consumers want in social search?
25:00-25:45 What is the ideal consumer experience?
25:45-28:00 So if you +1 something, and somehow it was synced, and you saw I bought the Samsung 55 inch LED TV, that is important info to have in the search? Is this any kind of a game-changer?
28:00-29:30 What do you think is going on over there (Google) with regards to social?
29:30-31:00 Does the social network have to be tied to the search engine? Why can’t they create a dedicated URL for a social network?
31:00-32:15 What’s your experience with them, Jason Nazar? How are you dealing with Google and the content farms?
32:15-33:30 Do you think they actually made search better at the end of the day? By how much?
33:30-37:30 Brian, any thoughts? Have any of the publishers you work with been impacted by this?
37:30-40:00 Earlier this week Zite was slapped with a Cease & Desist. Have you been tracking this issue, Brian?
40:00-40:45 What does that even mean, corporate RSS?
40:45-43:30 Ad for Trada, the crowdsourced, pay-per-click marketplace for online advertising.
43:30-47:30 Twitter’s “dick bar” (quick bar) is dead. What do you think of the dick bar, it being removed and Jack (Dorsey), the original visionary, coming back to run product?
47:30-48:45 James, what’s you take (on Twitter)?
48:45-51:30 Isn’t simplicity what got them where they are? Who else has gotten so many dumb celebrities to use a product so fervently?
51:30-53:45 Let’s talk about the bubble issue. Is it a bubble in the secondary market; in the public market do we have a bubble? Will these two collide?
53:45-55:00 So, Facebook IPO will happen at that time? LinkedIn, Groupon, perhaps Twitter if they can get their revenue act together? What impact are those incredible businesses with real revenues and extraordinary margins, as in the case of Zynga and in the cases of Facebook and LinkedIn, going to have? What’s going to happen when they get introduced to the market? Are we going to have a Nasdaq 5000 again, yes or no?
55:00-56:15 What is your thought on raising capital at this time, Brian? Are you salivating at this market?
56:15-58:00 So, you are going to raise another round this year?
58:00-60:00 Speaking of huge, epic rounds: $41M for Color. What do you guys think of the product,? What do you think of the round?
60:00-61:00 Tyler, your thoughts on Color? Are you still using it, are you bored?
61:00-62:00 The staff departures from Engadget continue. Brian, what are your thoughts? Do you have any inside information?
62:00-63:00 (Regarding the “AOL Way” document) Horrifying, how so?
63:00-64:00 What’s going to happen to AOL? Do you buy the stock or not?
64:00-66:45 Was buying the Huffington Post a hail mary for AOL?
66:45-67:30 Thank you to everyone on the roundtable.
68:30-69:00 Reminder to send in your MailChimp and Trada receipts.

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