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Angel investor and Zivity founder Cyan Banister and journalist Erik Lanigan joined the TWiST News Panel for analysis on SOPA, Facebook’s looming IPO, HuffPo’s new web network and more.

0:00-1:00 Welcome everyone! We’re at CNET with Cyan Banister and Erik Lanigan for the News Panel.
1:00-2:00 And Cyan Banister, you’ve been to all the conferences I’ve ever done, right?
2:00-2:30 Now Erik, you used to work for Leo but you had a bit of a break up, yes?
2:30-3:30 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show. Everyone give them a shout-out at @sourcebits!
3:30-4:45 Let’s start with SOPA and PIPA. Wednesday was the big blackout and several senators pulled their support after that day. What do you think is going to happen next?
8:30-9:45 If SOPA was around when Chad Hurley was building YouTube, would YouTube have even been able to get funding?
9:45-10:00 Earlier this week, Apple made a big announcement in NY about their iBooks 2 initiative.
10:00-11:45 Erik: Does this even have a chance at being the future of textbooks if we’re giving it to iPads only?
15:30-16:15 The Facebook IPO is rumored to be coming in May and could be one of the largest in tech history. Thoughts?
16:15-20:00 Erik: The IPO could be six times bigger than Google’s. Is that a rational valuation, given the product?
20:00-27:00 How do you think they can compete with Google+? They were also in the news, adding the ability to post videos to your status. Why would Google go around YouTube?
27:00-28:30 When you invest in a startup do you think, what if this is knocked off by Google or someone else if it’s a good idea?
28:30-30:00 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the show. We love them and you will too! Go to MailChimp.com to get started for free.
30:30-31:15 Erik: What do you think when you get pitched by a startup that you could see as a feature of a bigger company?
31:15-36:45 Cyan: Sometimes I advise them to be parasitical.
36:45-37:30 Cyan, how do you turn someone down when they pitch you?
37:30-38:30 What do you think of the noise factor that’s about to increase on Facebook? They just launched 60 new apps. Do people want to see this?
38:30-41:00 What about something you purposefully endorse versus something that’s an automated share?
41:30-46:30 How much time are people spending on Facebook at work?
46:30-49:00 What do you think about Yahoo’s new cuts and hiring freeze? And Jerry Yang is gone now–what does that mean for the company?
49:00-50:45 If Facebook was smart, they would allow people to share revenue from the pages they create, like the New York Times, for example.
52:00-53:30 What kept Jerry there for so long in the first place? Was he just hoping he could turn it around?
53:30-58:00 The Huffington Post is planning to launch a 24/7 streaming online news network. How will this pan out?
58:00-1:00:30 So Cyan, if someone wants to pitch you, what channel should they go through?
1:02:00-1:02:15 Erik, Cyan, thank you both for joining me today. We’ll see you next week!

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