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Today on This Week in Startups, NeuAer CEO Dave Mathews and author and educator Steve Blank joined the program to offer their analysis on Kevin Rose’s move to Google, the new iPad and Yahoo’s war on Facebook over patents.

0:00-1:45 Welcome to the TWiST News Panel with Steve Blank and Dave Mathews.
1:45-4:00 Lon, Tyler, Dave, how are you all doing?
4:00-5:00 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show. Everyone remember to thank @sourcebits!
5:00-7:15 Let’s begin with Kevin Rose shutting down Oink and joining the Google team. Do you think this is a good move?
7:15-9:00 Insight from Tyler: It’s like a billboard for a yardsale.
9:00-9:45 Who’s going to be answering to who over at Google+?
9:45-12:30 What do you think, Steve?
12:30-15:00 What do you think Kevin has in store, Lon?
15:00-16:30 Yahoo has filed a suit against Facebook alleging that the social media giant has infringed upon their patents.
16:30-18:00 Dave, do you believe that these patents are legitimate?
18:00-22:00 Steve, what’s your take on the patent situation?
22:00-24:00 Tyler: I think Yahoo picked the precise week to file this lawsuit.
24:00-25:00 What does Yahoo do moving forward, is the question?
25:00-25:45 Thank you to LiquidWeb for supporting the program. Everyone go to thisweekin.com/liquidweb for $100 off hosting services.
25:45-29:15 At SXSW, a company called BBH Labs debuted an experiment called Homeless Hotspots. Is this a way to help homeless people and give them a leg up or is it crass exploitation?
29:15-32:00 Dave: As an entrepreneur, I love this idea.
32:00-37:00 Would people have had a problem with this if you replaced homeless people with college students?
37:00-39:30 Let’s talk about StyleSeat.
39:30-44:15 What if there was an app where homeless people said they needed work and people could pay them to do tasks?
44:15-45:00 Is the homeless issue getting better in America? What about the poverty level?
45:00-47:30 Amazon is adding more than 3000 new titles to their instant video offerings.
47:30-48:30 Dave: I was part of the original Boxee team and he thought we could put together this great experience and it turned out to be a huge pain.
48:30-51:45 A look at the new iPad.
51:45-54:45 Insight from Tyler: It’s like a tow truck with a flat tire.
54:45-57:30 Dave: At the Mobile World Conference, they had the new Nokia phone with a 41 megapixel camera.
57:30-1:02:30 Dave: Amazon Prime is like a Costco model.
1:02:30-1:05:45 It’s over for gasoline. And it’s ridiculous that people are complaining about the battery life in their Teslas.
1:05:45-1:09:00 PayPal has launched a new mobile card reader to compete with Square. How can Square continue to compete?
1:09:00-1:10:15 Dave: I love that Woz is teaching and giving back.
1:10:15-1:15:30 Lon: Is being a Machiavellian d-bag something that goes along with being a successful entrepreneur?
1:15:30-1:17:15 Despite everything Steve Jobs did, we still remember him fondly and cried at his funeral.
1:17:15-1:19 Thank you to Sourcebits and LiquidWeb. Dave and Lon, thank you for joining us.
1:20:00-1:20:30 We’ll see you all next time.

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