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On This Week in Startups, Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar and Marshall Kirkpatrick, founder of PlexusEngine, joined the News Panel to discuss the Google Glass project, Bravo’s upcoming “Silicon Valley” TV show and the fight between Airbnb and the city of SF.

1:00-3:45 Welcome everyone, we have a News Panel today with Marshall Kirkpatrick and Jason Nazar.
3:45-6:45 We’re very happy to have Trada rejoining us today on the program! Everyone show them that you’re happy to have them back by thanking @Trada!
6:45-8:30 Google Glass was officially announced as a project on Wednesday. What would be some of the big value adds to having Google integrated with what you do everyday?
8:30-9:15 Jason, would you wear these?
9:15-12:15 Is this Google’s iPad moment or is it their Newton moment?
12:15-14:30 Jason: I predict 20 or 30 years from now that only old people will remember that Google started in search.
14:30-15:00 The people who have more money have iPads, the people who have less money don’t.
15:00-17:45 Marshall, should they be focusing on kooky products or working to preserve shareholder dividends?
17:45- On Thursday, President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law, a part of which will ease the regulatory burden on companies seeking to make an IPO. Will this stimulate IPOs? What is the most significant policy change here?
20:15-21:15 Jason N.: What this helps is the small business owners wanting to startup, mom and pop stores and people not looking for a liquidity event.
21:15-24:00 Marshall: From what I have read amongst crowd-funding specialists is that there’s actually a lot of disappointment.
24:00-25:30 Jason N., would you invest in crowdfunding sites? Do you think they’re going to do well?
25:30-26:45 Will this have a material impact on startups, Marshall?
26:45-28:30 Thank you to Scott E. Walker of Walker Corporate Law! We love (and use) Scott and you should, too! Call him directly at 310-288-6667.
28:30-31:15 A SF judge has ruled that Airbnb is responsible for their share of the city’s hotel tax. Airbnb has argued that they’re not operating a hotel and therefore should be exempt. What does everyone think, who is in the right here?
31:15-32;15 What’s a fair tax, Jason?
32:15-35:45 Marshall, what’s your take on this?
35:45-36:30 If you order all your household goods from Amazon, you can get that at a cheaper price than going to your local store. And you don’t have to leave your house.
36:30-37:30 Hot mobile pictionary game Draw Something has been downloaded 50 million times in 50 days, making it one of the fastest growing games of all times.
37:30-45:00 Marshall: In fairness, it wasn’t a completely a cold start.
45:00-48:45 On Thursday, Yahoo laid off 2000 employees and announced a major restructuring of the management team. The Chief Product officer is resigning and the Product department is likely to be absorbed. Marshall, how much of a disaster is Yahoo?
48:45-53:45 Nazar, what do you think? You would be a great product guy.
53:45-54:45 Nazar: Jason, what would you like to see Yahoo doing in five years?
54:45-57:30 Marshall, what about you? What should Yahoo look like in five years?
57:30-59:00 The NYT times is claiming that Arianna Huffington has more control at AOL, but Business Insider is saying just the opposite.
59:00-1:02:15 The cable channel Bravo has announced plans for two new Silicon Valley-based reality shows. Is anyone on the panel willing to admit that they’re going to watch these shows?
1:02:15-1:02:45 Nazar, what’s the latest with Docstoc?
1:02:45-1:05:45 Marshall, what’s happening with PlexusEngine?
1:05:45-1:09:45 Last story: According to a new report from Experian, Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the US. Thoughts?
1:09:45-1:16:45 Marshall: When it comes to Pinterest, I had the same reaction that I had to Twitter: I don’t want to use this. But woe to those who poo-poo something that has captured the attention of millions.
1:16:45-1:20:30 Thank you Jason Nazar and congrats on Docstoc’s incredible success. And thank you Marshall Kirkpatrick, everyone follow @marshallk and stay tuned to hear more about PlexusEngine.
1:20:30-1:21:45 TWI is looking for a CEO. Let me know if you want in by emailing jason@thisweekin.com. We’ll see you next time.

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