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On This Week in Startups, Liz Gannes of AllThingsD and Web entrepreneur Peter C. Horan joined us for analysis on blogger/angel ethics, the future as seen through Google glasses, Pinterest mania and Flickr’s failings.

0:00-3:30 Welcome everyone, we’re here for a News Roundtable Panel with Liz Gannes of AllThingsD and Web entrepreneur Peter Horan.
3:30-4:30 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the program and supporting independent media!
4:30-11:00 First story: Liz broke the story this week that Rapportive was acquired by LinkedIn. Liz, who tipped you off?
11:00-14:15 People who are angel investors have a major agenda with journalists like yourself, Liz, and would want to curry favor with you, right?
14:15-16:45 Liz, do you ever get angels who, in the middle of an acquisition, try to up the stakes by having you leak the story?
16:45-21:45 Next story: Dan Lyons, formally of Fake Steve Jobs fame, has been writing a series of columns criticizing journalists–who are also VCs–and who cover their own investments. Where does everyone come down on this debate? Is it ethical?
21:45-26:30 Did their attack on Nick feel dirty to you too, Liz?
26:30-27:00 Liz: It’s just taking TechCrunch a long time to die.
27:00-28:45 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the program! Everyone thank @MailChimp!
28:45-30:15 Liz, is TechCrunch as a brand worthless today?
30:15-34:30 Peter: This is like inviting Charles Manson over for Thanksgiving dinner, asking him to carve the turkey and then being surprised when there’s blood on the walls.
34:30-37:45 Next story: Google is working on “smart glasses” that will stream information to wearers in real time, using a screen that will look like a see-through computer monitor. Is this the future, Liz?
37:45-40:30 Lon: What about the safety issue of wearing the glasses?
40:30-41:00 Peter: The best people want to go slay dragons.
41:00-47:00 Next story: Several states attorneys general have expressed concerns about Google’s new privacy practices, saying that this could effect large corporations and government divisions who cannot afford to switch to another system. Is this a legitimate concern that the government should get involved in?
47:00-50:30 What about the story of a woman getting stalked by a Google engineer? What do we think is an appropriate amount of search data to be stored about a person?
50:30-53:15 Tyler: Did you see the Microsoft video of the guy using Google docs?
53:15-56:30 Next story: Flickr is getting a design makeover to compete with other sites like Pinterest. Will this change consumer perception of the aging brand?
56:30-58:00 How studio is Yahoo that they don’t have two developers to put to adding filters to the Flickr app?!
58:00-59:00 Is the new CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson, in any way qualified to do anything positive at the company?
59:00-1:00:00 The gang takes bets on how long the current CEO will be in place. Liz says under 18 months, Lon says over, Peter says under. The wager: a sushi lunch.
1:00:00-1:02:30 Speaking of Pinterest, they are now giving image owners the ability to block sharing. Liz, what do you think?
1:02:30-1:03:30 Does anyone want to guess how much each user is worth to Pinterest, given their current valuation?
1:03:30-1:04:00 Peter, who do you think will buy Pinterest?
1:04:00-1:06:00 Next story: Comcast has announced a subscription streaming service to rival Netflix that will be available only to subscribers. Will this stem the tide of cord-cutters?
1:06:00-1:08:15 Jason tells a story about a discussion over The Ides of March he had at a poker game.
1:08:15-1:10:30 Last story: Gnip will become the official vendor for historical Twitter data feeds. How useful will this be to the average consumer?
1:10:30-1:11:15 Insight from Tyler: It feels like passing a law on New Years Eve.
1:11:15-1:12:45 Thank you for watching. We hope to see everyone at the LAUNCH Festival March 7 and 8!
1:12:45-1:14:00 Everyone follow Liz @lizgannes and Peter @peterchoran. And check out Ranker!

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