No Rules Rules Co-Author Erin Meyer on how Netflix cultivates outlier performance & re-aligns values towards innovation – Part 1 | E1166

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Show notes:
0:58 Jason intros No Rules Rules Co-Author Erin Meyer & they discuss how Netflix got on Erin’s radar, psychological safety & more
6:05 What types of culture lead to outlier success? Impact of the industrial era hangover
12:34 Embroker – Get 10% off by using code TWIST at
14:08 How freedom plays into Netflix’s success & Reed Hastings’ lessons from his mistakes at Pure Software
18:12 Netflix two polarizing policies: Vacation & Expense; how Reed Hastings leads from the front
24:32 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your first job free at
26:00 How Netflix maintains low levels of voluntary turnover & rationalizes lax expense policies
30:59 Inter-company communication at Netflix
35:24 – Learn more at
36:56 How much feedback is too much? 360 feedback dinners
42:57 Talent density, the “Rockstar Rule”, contagiousness of performance

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