E672: SumoMe & AppSumo Founder Noah Kagan on being Facebook emp #30, getting fired & losing $185m in co. shares, why email marketing reigns supreme & tips to grow your website traffic, lists & audience

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Noah Kagan, founder of SumoMe & AppSumo, started his career as employee #30 at Facebook, before getting fired and losing $185m in company shares. Lessons learned showed Noah what he truly he excels at — building small businesses and helping them grow. As Director of Marketing at Mint.com he built that startup’s first 100k customers, and ultimately created the Sumo Group (SumoMe, AppSumo, KingSumo), which now has ~1m subscribers and generates 8 figures in revenue — completely bootstrapped, with no venture capital. Noah talks about all this and more — including his best email marketing tips and other tricks of the trade to build your site’s traffic, lists, and audience.


03:50-04:04: Jason introduces his guest, Noah Kagan.

17:01-33:06: The two dive right into discussing Noah’s time at Facebook, being employee #30, getting fired and famously lost $185m in company shares.

34:16-35:54: Noah shares what he learned in therapy, and his thoughts on millennials.

39:24-45:03: Noah walks us through a demo of KingSumo.

45:04-48:56: Noah offers recommendations for growing Inside.com.

48:57-48:56: Noah talks about the revenue and the team behind his business.  

51:08-52:18: Noah walks us through brand new feature called “embed”.

52:19-01:00:07: Noah shares tips on best ways for Inside.com to grow 10% people in one day.

01:00:08-01:01:44: The two discuss the mistake that most people make around marketing.

01:01:45-01:01:16: Noah shares an interesting fact about revenue for SumoMe & AppSumo.

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