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Tyler Crowley is back from Sweden! He joined Dalton Caldwell, CEO of App.net, and Jason to discuss Microsoft’s reorg, Yelps’ new delivery service, Dropbox’s move to become your always-on hard drive, why Facebook Graph Search & other FB products suck, the SEC allowing startups to say they’re raising money, the latest on NSA leaks & more.

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Dalton Caldwell

Sean Percival



2 0 Dalton Caldwell is with us today.
2 15 What is app.net?
3 15 Would you describe it like Twitter as it was originally intended?
4 0 With us again is Tyler Crowley.
4 15 How was Sweden?
5 30 What does the Yelp move into on-demand delivery mean for competitors?
10 45 What do you think of the new Foursquare app redesign?
11 45 Does Foursquare have a future?
12 30 What do Europeans use for finding restaurants?
13 15 Thanks to Scott Walker law for supporting our show!
15 30 Is Dropbox’s “drop-ins” something Apple, Google, etc. can stop?
17 30 Dalton, you know Drew pretty well? What do you think?
23 45 Does Dropbox use hardware?
24 45 Did you read about Amazon dropping its prices on EC2?
27 30 What’s going on with Microsoft’s restructuring?
30 0 What is the blog, Stratchery?
34 45 Thanks to New Relic for sponsoring TWIST.
37 45 Is Don Mattrick the right guy to run Zynga?
38 30 How did you feel about Mark Pincus adjusting employee stock options?
40 0 What do you think about using ecosystems like Facebook?
42 30 Did you see what GigaOM wrote about Zynga?
44 30 How likely will someone change Facebook culture?
45 0 What would you rate Facebook?
47 0 What do you rate Home on Android?
47 45 What do you rate Chatheads?
48 15 How do you rate Instragram adding video?
54 0 What do you think about Graph Search?
57 30 Any of you use Facebook Messenger?
58 15 What would you build on top of FB ecosystem, if you could?
60 0 How many people have used a Hangout in the last 30 days?
62 30 Superfan, what’s your favorite TWIST episode?
68 30 What do you think about the UK adding new coding curriculum into schools?
76 15 What do you currently think about San Francisco culture?
80 15 What is the SEC saying about general solicitiation for small businesses?
87 45 What do you think about the NSA & Snowden?
97 0 Thanks to our sponsors for supporting the show!



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