On TWiST This Week: Keith Richman, CEO of Break Media

This week’s TWiST will once again be at a special time: Thursday (the 21st) at 5pm.  Make sure you tune in live, right here.  Jason’s guest will be Keith Richman, CEO of Break Media.

Keith Richman is the CEO and co-founder of the guy-centric streaming video site Break.com. In addition to video content, Break owns a range of websites – such as Chickipedia and Holy Taco – as well as the Break Men’s Ad Network, which reaches approximately 35 million men between the ages of 18 and 34 every month.  In 2008, Break ranked as one of the top 300 most viewed sites worldwide.

Richman previously co-founded the corporate, consumer and wireless portal technology provider OnePage, and the online money transfer service Billpoint.  He has also served as a Business Development manager at Excite, and was a corporate planner for the Walt Disney Company.  Keith is a graduate of Stanford University, where he earned an MA in International Policy Studies.

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