Oura CEO Harpreet Rai on improving sleep, NBA partnerships, hardware & more PLUS the Instagram Kids debacle | E1213



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00:00 Start
00:53 News Topic – Instagram for Kids
08:43 Jason’s take on FB motives
09:53 UserTesting – Try for free today at https://usertesting.com/twist
11:35 Oura Ring CEO Harpreet Rai’s background
23:15 Linkedin – Post your first job for free https://linkeidn.com/twist
25:09 How Oura validates its sleep & readiness scores
30:53 How Heart Rate Variability (HRV) sensors can anticipate heart attacks
38:32 OurCrowd – Join OurCrowd for free at https://ourcrowd.com/twist
40:04 Oura’s 3 business models for hardware
44:31 How Oura measures stats like breathing rate
50:49 Helping the NBA with their COVID tracking
54:49 Oura for enterprise & ethical framework for employee health
1:00:59 Google & Apple as both competitors and collaborators

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