E723: Stripe CEO Patrick Collison on building his online payment powerhouse, creating Atlas to incorporate the world’s entrepreneurs, public/private markets, & increasing the GDP of the internet



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Filmed at LAUNCH Festival 2017, Jason sits down with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison to explore his journey to solving one of the toughest barriers to a global e-commerce economy: payments. About a decade ago, companies were mostly working with legacy players like banks, gateways and processors, and they were essentially looking to buy a technology service from them. These financial institutions were huge, but focused on particular markets, which provided an opportunity for Stripe. Today, Stripe works with companies in 124 countries and handles billions of dollars of aggregate revenue every year. Join us as Patrick shares an inspiring story of his early days at Y Combinator, mistakes and triumphs, opening the Atlas program to US-based startups, and his views on public/private markets.

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1:14: The footprint of Stripe

1:56: The first lines of code were written Stripe in October 2009, and the company launched publicly in September 2011

3:00: Pain point that inspired Stripe

5:40: Patrick and his brother John went to startup school in 2009 at Y Combinator

7:55: Origin of Stripe: started as bootstrapped internship

15:20: Moment when Patrick realized that Stripe would be huge

17:55: Stripe’s darkest moment

23:55: Atlas launch

34:00: Public markets

36:09: Patrick describes how he keeps ppl invested

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