E758: Blockchain CEO Peter Smith on scaling his cryptocurrency wallet to 16m+ users, new Etherium & bitcoin cash integration, ICO predictions, the state of the dark web, regulation speculation, & the power of monetary velocity




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If you’ve been paying attention to FinTech news, blockchain, bitcoin, Ethereum, and ICOs are hot topics. After talking about cryptocurrency for a few years on This Week in Startups, it is now having its shining moment, with one bitcoin trading at over $4000. Our guest today, Peter Smith, is the CEO & co-founder of Blockchain, the leading integrated bitcoin platform that makes using different blockchains easy. Join us as Peter distills bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain fundamentals, regulatory issues and why the U.S. is slower in the cryptospace, effects on the dark web, ICO predictions, and more.

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01:10: Jason introduces today’s guest, Peter Smith, is the CEO & co-founder of Blockchain

01:28: Blockchain domain name

03:02: Blockchain.com is a large, integrated platform that makes using different blockchains easy

04:56: Peter explains why he can’t sell Jason a bitcoin in America

05:59: Peter shares his views on A16

09:53: Peter shares a story that he has never told anyone else on a podcast, of meeting with the head of FinCEN to talk about his idea during the early days of Blockchain

13:58: Speculation about regulation and why the US is slower

15:55: The governments that are doing well on this front are Singapore and Switzerland

18:15: Peter shares his prediction for when a major government will release its own cryptocurrency

19:09: Countries issue digital currencies is because of competitiveness

20:32: Monetary velocity

22:15: Ethereum vs. bitcoin

24:40: Bitcoin as a manipulated currency

33:05: Long-term revenue model for Blockchain

37:21: Blockchain demo

47:32: Is there some compelling use case for cryptocurrencies beyond money store and speculation?

51:00: State of the dark web

01:03:50: ICOs

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