Positive Things Happening at Positive Atmosphere

Dan O’Donnell called in on TWiST #31 to ask, how do I grow my website.  Well, I think he is succeeding, in 2 months he has increased his site’s membership by 51% and last I looked he has over 40,000 fans of his Facebook page, with some posts generating over 100 comments.  At the moment he is working on conversions from Facebook to his site.  If you have any suggestions feel free to offer help (in the comments).

In following Jason’s advice he has started interviewing authors with the help of Doug Vermeeren (The Opus Movie) who has opened the door to many of the big hitters in the space.  In seeking help from the community he has made some inroads with the YouTube community.  One example is a Sumtruth a community member that has over 10,000 subscribers and very active at Positive Atmosphere, made this video for him.  Dan mentioned that he feels the YouTube community is often overlooked as a social network and to consider integrating it into your network.

He has also applied for a $250,000 grant from Pepsi, the “Refresh” project.  The project is based on number of votes and is held monthly, he’s currently waiting for his turn.  I urge you to check out his work and if you like what you see please give him a vote when he’s up to bat.  I’ll be sure he lets us know when he’s eligible.

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