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00:00 Cold Open – Praying for Exits
01:13 Pseudonymous commentators, Jason’s past and Prayingforexits’ present
11:01 Masterworks – Skip the waitlist to invest in art using promo code TWIST at h
12:37 Do VCs spend too much time brand building
22:12 LinkedIn Marketing – Get a $100 LinkedIn ad credit at
23:47 Are VCs becoming too entitled?
34:42 Dataiku – Create transparent, repeatable, and scalable AI and analytics programs. Visit to learn more.
35:46 Prioritizing the qualitative vs. quantitative aspects of assessing founders and companies
42:10 Why trustworthiness and integrity are the most important qualities for investing in founders
52:10 Crazy founder stories
1:01:56 The current climate for diligence
1:03:08 How Travis, Suge, Shervin and Snoop ended up in the same photo
1:08:55 Handicapping the odds of an Elizabeth Holmes conviction

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