Product | Scaling Your Startup S2 E5 with Superhuman’s Rahul Vohra & Fitbod’s Jesse Venticique | E1214





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Pod Notes:

Show notes:
00:00 Intro – Product Secrets
01:40 Rahul Vohra Founder & CEO of Superhuman on improving your product with game design
05:05 Games need goals that are concrete, achievable, and rewarding
06:29 Design for nuanced emotion
08:41 Create rapid and robust controls
09:52 LinkedIn – Post a job for free
11:35 Make toys and combine them into games
13:50 How to create flow
19:45 Skip the waitlist at
20:08 Jesse Venticique Co-founder and Product Head at Superhuman on building a product hook
22:47 Optimizing your product hook for conversion
26:28 OurCrowd – Join for free at
28:05 Tailoring onboarding & retention strategies to your product
31:45 Leveraging referrals & word of mouth
35:15 Netsuite – Get a special financing program at
36:44 Q&A – How do you find the right cadence to release features?
42:32 How do you think about adding unique features?
45:25 How do you keep product focus?
47:50 How do you decide to remove a feature from a product?

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