E426: Project Ara modular phones & Automatic translates your car to you



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What if instead of upgrading your phone every couple of years, you could switch out the camera, add more memory, or change out just the screen? Seems like the opposite of how smartphone manufacturers operate. But Project Ara, once part of Motorola, now staying with Google’s ATAP team, is working on just that. Paul Eremenko heads up the project and he sat down with Jason at the 2014 LAUNCH Festival. His vision of the future: no rushing to market with one shoddy component. Upgrade in pieces and make your gear truly your own.

Plus, the small plug in device that lets you communicate directly with your car, beaming all kinds of information right to your phone. It’s called Automatic, it works with every car made since 1997, and it’s incredibly affordable. Cofounder Thejo Kote showed us how it works.

Don’t miss these incredible talks and demos from LAUNCH Festival, even better on video.

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