E396: Jason in the hot seat: interview by Evernote’s Rafe Needleman



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Rafe Needleman is a long-time technology journalist and frequent guest.  He runs developer relations and the accelerator at Evernote. When Jason stopped by Evernote HQ, Rafe turned the tables, and interviewed him. From how his goals as an entrepreneur have changed over time, to his original career path (FBI agent), Jason goes deep on some of the personal motivations that keep entrepreneurs going. Plus, how the startup ecosystem has been helped — and hurt — by low costs and big capital.

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6:43 How many companies have you started? And why do you keep doing it?
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16:00 We’re at an interesting point right now where you can start a company with very little money. How far does this curve go?
19:15 Do you you think we’re coddling entrepreneurs?
22:45 Now that you’re describing what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in the current funding environment, it sounds more terrifying than liberating, because everyone’s got to be chasing that same golden hook.
28:20 The accelerator guys here with us are very curious about AngelList and how it’s changing the game.
27:45 You just wrote a thought piece about Google going for everything. How does that change things for the rest of us trying to build companies?
45:45 We’re here as part of the accelerator, a publishing tool. What was the biggest hurdle – type of people who liked to publish?
50:50 If you go on AngelList today you’ll see 1200 accelerators listed globally. What’s your perspective on their role and value?
57:22 What is Inside.com?
57:30 What did it cost you?
59:30 We often think about entrepreneurship as new products, new tech. But often we trip up bringing products to market. Can you talk about sales and marketing?
1:03:40 When you’re building something new and exciting, everyone has their 2 cents on what to fix. How do you sift through that advice?

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