Rapid Fire News: OnlyFans reverses course, Circle to clean up USDC reserves, Warby Parker S-1 | E1271



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00:00 News – Jason intros the show
01:31 OnlyFans changes course after approval from banking partners
09:28 LinkedIn – Post your first job for free at https://linkedin.com/twist
11:01 Did OnlyFans have a good PR strategy?
16:49 Circle cleaning up their reserves
21:38 Drata – Get 15% off SOC 2 and other audit at https://drata.com/twist
22:56 Circle vs. Tether
30:30 An explanation of Direct Listings vs IPO
34:03 Masterworks – Skip the waitlist at to invest in art using promo code TWIST at https://masterworks.io/twist
35:34 Warby Parker’s S-1 comparing DTC to software
42:37 Button – all businesses are hard, so pick a good one

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