Reacting to Tether’s CNBC interview, Netflix earnings + Vincent’s Slava Rubin on alt assets | E1250



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Show Notes:
0:00 Intro
2:22 Tether CTO & General Counsel were interviewed on CNBC – Commercial paper concerns & deflection, attestation vs. audit
13:43 OurCrowd – Check out the deal of the week at
15:26 Working with offshore accounting firms, whereabouts of Tether CEO & CFO, more commercial paper talk
26:40 Brainbase – Simple & automated trademark filing for $169 at
28:18 Tether’s anonymity in the commercial paper market, Jason gives final thoughts on CNBC’s Tether interview, how Circle & Jeremy Allaire can one up Tether
36:05 Pipe – Start trading on Pipe free for 12 months at
37:35 Netflix Q2 earnings disappointment, will Disney Plus catch them? Plus Netflix going into video games
44:26 Interview – Slava Rubin, Founder of Vincent
51:14 What needs to change in U.S. alternative asset investing
1:01:15 Managing the community aspect of investing
1:04:04 Expanding Vincent, rating deals and deal platforms
1:17:19 Why Slava collects trading cards

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