E490: Legendary entrepreneur Reid Hoffman on his best strategies, valuable lessons, the PayPal mafia, and creating one of the first social networks




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about this episode

Today on TWIST: Reid Hoffman! In this riveting 90 minutes, Jason sits down at LinkedIn with its legendary founder, entrepreneur, product strategist, investor, and author. Get ready to take notes — and watch & listen at least twice — as Reid shares a treasure trove of insights and lessons. You’ll hear his early inspirations, origins of the “PayPal mafia,” secrets to his successes, greatest mistakes, sharp advice to entrepreneurs, smartest investment strategies, his impressions of fellow Silicon Valley luminaries (hints: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel….), why he holds himself to a high standard, his insights into our biggest problems today and what even defines a human society — and much MUCH more.

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  • Scott Montague

    Wow, Reid Hoffman…I like you…you have changed my perception of VC’s being evil at their core and should be avoided at (almost) all costs.

    It is so nice to see a person of influence having an engineer/builder philosophy. Sure, make some money, but also ask: is this right, is this ethical, is this within the spirit of all parties understanding at the time the contract was signed.

    I should make a video, until then:

  • Reid Hoffman lessons are always great. The video is great in every way possible. “Sharing” can certainly make things change in a better way for numerous businesses.