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00:00 Start
00:53 How Ken got involved with crowdfunding
09:00 What it costs to raise on Republic
11:30 LinkedIn Jobs – Go to to post your first job for free.
13:05 The power of having a large following for fundraising
19:43 Advantages of retail vs. venture capital
22:05 Squarespace – Free trial at & use code TWIST for 10% off
23:42 The impact of equity ownership on stakeholders
35:02 Tiny – Sell your wonderful internet business at
36:34 SEC regulators are evolving
40:00 Is there a lower quality bar for deal flow on crowdfunding?
47:36 How Republic diligences investments
52:34 The Crowd IPA, understanding Arlan Hamilton’s raise
1:01:06 Importance of communicating truthfully when raising capital

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