Review Contest Update #2

So far we’ve recieved over 25 submissions to the TWiST review contest!  there’s still time to enter though, just check out the full details and write your review of TWiST Episode 13.  Post it anywhere and e-mail us a link by this Thursday (September 10th) and you could win!

Also, if you want to catch up on any of the old TWiST episodes, but don’t have time to watch – or you want to find out exactly what was said, check out these two great fan sites:

  • First up is Scott Simko’s “This Week in Startups Recap” – bringing you a weekly synopsis of every episode, along with helpful links!
  • And brand new is J. Pablo Fernández’s site “This Week in Startups Transcriptions“, featuring full transcripts of all the episodes.  It’s a community based site though, so he needs your help to make all of the episodes complete!


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