E738: Treehouse online coding school & founder Ryan Carson get aspiring programmers & developers “zero to job-ready” & use the power of apprenticeships to close the tech skills gap for underrepresented groups




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Founder & CEO Ryan Carson was a guest on TWiST Episode 198, and he returns today to talk about Treehouse, his online trade school for adults that does one thing really well: taking anybody who has never coded from zero to job-ready. Ryan figured out how to reduce the cost of a computer science degree ($58k) down to 2% of that, with complete geographic and time shifting freedom. Join us as he and Jason debate the value of apprenticeships and explore the way traditional universities are run.

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01:50: Treehouse is an online trade school for adults that does one thing really well: teach people how to code; good at solving skills gaps for businesses

03:45: Started 7 years ago and charged $25/month (copied Lynda and their pricing)

05:20: The fastest part of Treehouse’s business that’s growing is B2B

06:00: Companies are trying to figure out what to do with their talent hiring pipeline

10:50: You can’t keep people upskilled enough because tech is changing too fast

17:58: Ryan realized that needed to do something more meaningful with larger impact

22:34: Founders need to be willing to experiment

25:20: Debate on apprenticeships

37:44: Treehouse demo

54:44: QA – where is biggest growth occurring and which is most surprising?

55:38: Do you think companies doing layoffs should offer a Treehouse voucher on way out for employees

57:47: What makes Treehouse different?

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