E738: Treehouse online coding school & founder Ryan Carson get aspiring programmers & developers “zero to job-ready” & use the power of apprenticeships to close the tech skills gap for underrepresented groups





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about this episode

Founder & CEO Ryan Carson was a guest on TWiST Episode 198, and he returns today to talk about Treehouse, his online trade school for adults that does one thing really well: taking anybody who has never coded from zero to job-ready. Ryan figured out how to reduce the cost of a computer science degree ($58k) down to 2% of that, with complete geographic and time shifting freedom. Join us as he and Jason debate the value of apprenticeships and explore the way traditional universities are run.

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01:50: Treehouse is an online trade school for adults that does one thing really well: teach people how to code; good at solving skills gaps for businesses

03:45: Started 7 years ago and charged $25/month (copied Lynda and their pricing)

05:20: The fastest part of Treehouse’s business that’s growing is B2B

06:00: Companies are trying to figure out what to do with their talent hiring pipeline

10:50: You can’t keep people upskilled enough because tech is changing too fast

17:58: Ryan realized that needed to do something more meaningful with larger impact

22:34: Founders need to be willing to experiment

25:20: Debate on apprenticeships

37:44: Treehouse demo

54:44: QA – where is biggest growth occurring and which is most surprising?

55:38: Do you think companies doing layoffs should offer a Treehouse voucher on way out for employees

57:47: What makes Treehouse different?

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  • matt carrasco

    @ryancarson @jason Just shared the apprenticeship view live on air via KPCC Air Talk http://bit.ly/2rl1t6u. I agree we need to not only rethink the training pipeline, but also our source pipeline by looking to our 30M+ veterans and military spouses. We should talk about @hireskout vision FutureVet.

    KPCC post: @wessel, in the US we will need 1.3M software engineers in 10-years, but will graduate 400K. Rather than H-1B visas, instead for $1,200, anyone can become fully certified to write code via training from companies such as @treehouse. We don’t need government to solve this problem. We need a new viewpoint. We need to look at ability, skill, and motivation/personality, rather than title, experience, and traditional education. To find diamonds in the rough, we need to employ unconventional methods to identify people with untapped ability and the grit to make an impact; people such as our veterans and military spouses. Note: I am not affiliated with Treehouse nor any of its investors; I see the future and that future will require that most/all people will need to be prepared for the networked/AI economy and that means people from manufacturing to finance will need to know how to code.