E714: SeedInvest co-founder Ryan Feit on the equity crowdfunding revolution, giving new access to startups & non-accredited investors, & opening the door for Wolf3D founder Timmu Tõke to integrate humanity within VR



about this episode

Aside from having an idea and a product, there are two things that every startup needs: money and growth. We are starting to open up the aperture of who can invest in a company. There is a global competition for ideas that requires entrepreneurs, and those entrepreneurs require capital to grow their companies. In today’s episode, Jason talks to SeedInvest CEO and co-founder Ryan Feit about his equity crowdfunding platform and the revolution that’s happening in that landscape. Also joining us today is Wolf3D CEO Timmu Tõke, a 3D scanning startup that launched a business initiative on SeedInvest. Insights are shared from Timmu’s entrepreneurial perspective on why he chose equity crowdfunding for his business, and from Ryan’s investment perspective on the process of accepting a company like Wolf3D. Jason explores questions about accredited vs. non-accredited investors, doubling down on startups, risks and market potential, and much more.

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3:40: The equity crowdfunding revolution

8:00: Jason introduces SeedInvest CEO and co-founder Ryan Feit

10:32: Difference between accredited vs. non-accredited investors

11:50: Process for a non-accredited investor to invest in a company

18:20: Advice for non-accredited investors

21:08: Importance of making educated decisions, ie: diversify

25:00: Ryan talks about a person’s operational role after they’ve invested in a company

31:49: Jason introduces Wolf3D CEO Timmu Tõke

32:32: Wolf3D creates realistic avatars of people for VR

34:18: Wolf3D works with gaming companies

35:50: Ryan describes the process of accepting company like Wolf3D

38:00: Facebook and social VR

39:13: Timmu describes the process from his founder’s perspective of doing a crowdfunding campaign on SeedInvest

41:56: Average size of investments for Wolf3D

43:12: Why is it best practice keeping investors up-to-date?

48:00: Next milestones for Wolf3D

50:00: Timmu speculates on next steps for Wolf3D if they don’t close a deal by end of year

54:27: Importance of runway

58:25: Startups are an incredible equalizer

01:01: Jason offers investment advice

01:06: Starting slow and diversifying are key

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