SaaS multiple compression, downturn outlook & advice for new VCs with Jason Lemkin of SaaStr | E1461



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00:00 Jason and Molly tee up today’s interview show
01:44 Jason and Molly speak with Jason Lemkin of SaaStr
14:59 Notion – Get started for free at
16:14 Jason Lemkin’s advice for new fund managers
26:16 Microacquire – Sell your business with no fees at
27:37 Will SaaS investments continue to be good?
32:44 What makes Notion so good?
34:44 AdQuick – Visit and mention TWIST to get $1000 off your first campaign.
35:50 What does it mean to play offense? Why should you be playing offense now if you have the runway?
39:35 Jason Lemkin’s predictions for the next year & advice for capital allocators/investors
52:25 Are founder secondary sales a red flag?
1:01:20 Strategies for investors in a down market

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