Sales | Scaling Your Startup S2 E3 with GRIN’s Brandon Brown and LeadIQ’s Mei Siauw | E1206





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Show notes:

00:00 Intro
02:14 Brandon Brown, CEO of GRIN on when to build an Inside Sales team
07:35 Crafting an ideal customer profile
10:24 OurCrowd – Join OurCrowd’s investment platform for free at
12:00 The sales playbook & testing your “engine”
15:10 How to hire a VP of Sales & empowering leadership
18:52 LinkedIn – Post a job for free at
20:32 Mei Siauw on scaling an outbound sales team
23:46 Improving cold email conversion with personalization
28:55 Choosing between outsourced & in-house SDRs
31:46 Investing in the outbound sales team
36:30 Netsuite – Schedule your free product tour
37:57 Q&A with Jason, how to find great account executives (AE)
40:46 Can a sales team work effectively remotely?
45:44 How do you convert SDRs to AEs?
47:54 How do you deal with average performers?

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