SendGrid Startup of the Week 10: Vinny Lingham of Gyft



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This week’s SendGrid Startup of the Week is Vinny Lingham, the co-founder of gift card sharing and redeeming app Gyft. Gyft allows users to buy, store, send and redeem gift cards via their mobile device.

0:00 Today’s startup of the week is one that just recently raised over a million dollars from Google Ventures, Gyft.

1:00 What’s going on, Tyler?

2:30 Thank you to SendGrid for making this show possible. Everyone thank @SendGrid.

5:30 Vinny, how are you doing today?

6:00 What did I say during that keynote?

8:30 Vinny, tell us, what exactly is Gyft?

10:00 Jason demos the functionality of Gyft.

10:15 How do I redeem the gift cards I have in there?

11:00 Is breakage a big issue for gift cards?

13:00 Do you know what the breakage has been traditionally?

14:15 How screwed are retailers with the emergence of direct-to-consumer selling?

16:00 Does what Gyft is doing follow this trend?

16:30 What is a cost of the gift card wholesale?

17:30 How was launching at Disrupt?

20:15 What’s next for the company?

21:45 What does the Apple passbook announcement mean for your business?

24:00 Yes or no: Do you think Facebook’s gift product will work?

26:15 Have people objected to your business model now that Facebook Gifts are out?

27:45 Can you trade gift cards?

29:00 How does the gift card market on eBay work?

31:45 Why does Chamath give such a generous package to the startups he incubates at The Social + Capital Partnership?

32:15 Are you looking for any team members?

33:00 Everyone follow @gyft and thank you Vinny. And thank you to SendGrid. We’ll see you next time!

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