SendGrid Startup of the Week 11: Joel Gascoigne of Buffer



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On this week’s SendGrid Startup of the Week Jason talks with the Founder of Buffer Joel Gascoigne. The two talk immigration, Cross Platform integration, and the history/future of Buffer.

0:30 StartUp of the Week Special with Joel Gascoigne founder of Buffer
2:00 Thanks to SendGrid the leader in transactional email. Try their free plan and send up to 200 emails per day for free
4:45 Welcome Joel
5:00 When and why did you start Buffer?
8:45 Why does is keep asking me to reauthorize my Facebook?
10:00 Why do you think people are using this tool? Time delay or cross platform?
11:20 So instead of a Google+ button or s a Tweet button, a site could add a Buffer button?
12:30 Where are you based?
13:30 How hard was it to get a proper visa?
13:50 What’s the cost?
14:30 If the US doesn’t act quickly enough, you could consider moving out of the US?
18:30 How did you get the attention of US VCs from the United Kingdom?
20:00 Currently where are you in number of users?
20:45 With an easily copied product, why and how have you been so succesful?
22:20 With htis replace the Facebook or Twitter button?
22:35 What is the future of this business? Is the audience small?
27:45 How do the social networks feel about Buffer?
29:00 Go to, thanks to SendGrid


Jason: @jason
SendGrid: @sendgrid
Joel: @joelgascoigne
Buffer: @bufferapp

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