SendGrid Startup of the Week 14: Andrew McPhee of Obvious Engineering



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This episode of TWiST is a special Startup of the Week Show, with Andrew McPhee of Obvious Engineering. Obvious Engineering is a Computer Vision IP and product development company working to connect a digital dimension to the physical world, using mainstream mobile devices.

0:00 Welcome Obvious Engineering on this episode of Startup of the Week
2:30 Thanks to our sponsor: SendGrid
3:50 Andrew McPhee is here with us. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Obvious Engineering
4:30 What is obvious Engineering?
5:30 What is the point of the things you are doing and why is it interesting?
6:40 Were you doing that for Dr Pepper, or just to show how popular the program is?
10:00 Had Disney or other major brands actually done an AR product?
11:30 So if I wanted to see what a certain item looked like in real life, I could use my iPad to see a virtual version of it?
14:30 How much of what you do was inspired by science fiction?
16:15 What impact would Google Glass have on what you are doing?
17:40 Do you think that there are apps that a civilian wouldn’t anticipate that augmented reality could enable?
20:30 How come Apple hasn’t done anything themselves with AR yet?
21:00 Do you think that Apple has a AR reality in R and D right now?
22:15 How do you go to a VC and tell them they need to invest in a market that doesn’t exist yet?
24:45 So it’s like asking for funding to go to a new world?
25:30 How do you balance building complete innovation vs. doing service business?
26:40 Are you as a founder not ready to take on hardware and build the software at the same time?
28:00 How far do you think we are from people really using glasses?
29:45 How do you say motivated as an entrepreneur, when you are trying to solve such a difficult problem/
34:00 Follow @obviousengine on Twitter
34:45 How is it different in San Francisco compared to London as an entrepreneur?


Jason: @jason
obviousengine: @obviousvision

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