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On episode #2 of SendGrid Startup of the Week, Alex Tew of discusses how he plans to bring relaxation and focus to entrepreneurs–and stressed out people–all over the world.

1:00 My guest today is Alex Tew of and he wants to help people reduce stress.
2:00 How did you meet your co-founder, Michael Acton Smith?
3:00 I saw you on AngelList, are you raising a round right now?
4:00 How do you get a domain like
6:00 Huge thanks for our friends at SendGrid, the industry leader in transactional emails. Everyone thank @SendGrid!
8:44 What do studies show about people who meditate?
9:30 What happens physiologically when stress occurs?
11:45 Alex demonstrates the functionality of the site.
14:00 Is that where the benefit comes in, when you’re doing it on a regular basis?
16:00 Alex: The idea is that you can do this any time, wherever you are.
16:45 What’s the state of the company, are you going to raise funding?
17:30 Jason becomes the first outside investor in the company.
18:00 Jason and Alex work out the details of the deal.
21:15 I think you could easily get 10k people to subscribe to this on a monthly basis.
22:15 Do you have other ideas for monetizing?
24:15 The company we profiled yesterday is also one I want to invest in.
26:00 I really believe in what you’re doing and I really appreciate you sharing it with us today.
28:45 If a person creates jobs in this country, do you think we should give them citizenship?
30:00 Alex: Isn’t Peter Thiel a big Ayn Rand fan?
32:00 Are you seeing people in Europe move toward working less, working on a project-to-project basis instead of full time?
33:45 Alex, I think you’re on the right track with this one.
34:30 I think there will be a demand for a “whale” version for this.
35:45 Everyone check out and we’ll see you next time.

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