SendGrid Startup of the Week 3: Pablo Fuentes and Sean Falconer of Proven



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On episode #3, Pablo Fuentes and Sean Falconer showed off their product Proven as SendGrid Startup of the Week. Pablo and Sean discussed how their goal is to make it easier for small business to find and hire skilled workers.

00:30 Welcome to SendGrid Startup of the Week! SendGrid was gracious enough to sponsor this program to support new entrepreneurs. Everyone thank @sendgrid for helping to get the entrepreneurial community thriving!
2:30 With me today from Proven are Sean Falconer and Pablo Fuentes.
3:00 How much did you pay for the domain name?
4:00 Did you have back-up names you were thinking of using?
4:45 Do investors take you more seriously when you come in with a great domain name?
5:30 Why did you build Proven?
8:30 Take me through the site, what are we looking at?
10:15 Pablo: It matters a lot to small business that people have worked at a company similar to theirs, so this saves them time when checking out past businesses.
11:15 Is it at all a controversial decision to show a person’s photo?
12:00 Do the photos influence hiring decisions?
13:30 Do you have a mobile version?
14:00 Looking at the mobile site.
16:00 Is geo-targeting on the roadmap?
16:45 Can you add a qualification test or quiz to this?
19:15 Is this your first startup? Were you part of an incubator or accelerator?
19:45 What’s your AngelList experience been like?
21:00 Would you compensate Naval and AngelList if you could for the service they provide?
21:45 Do you worry about the market and the bubble bursting?
22:45 If you’re successful 5 years from now, what one statement will be true?
23:30 Pablo and Sean, you guys are off to a great start and I wish you continued success.
24:15 Everyone check out and if you’re an angel investor, check them out on And follow them @hireproven.
25:00 Thanks again to SendGrid for their support! Thank them @SendGrid.

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