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Branch co-founder Josh Miller joined Jason for a Startup of the Week episode to discuss his new social sharing network, fresh off it’s post-beta debut. Listen as they discuss online conversations, blogging platforms and why this service aims to mimic IRL conversations.

1:00 Welcome everyone! I’m here today with Startup of the Week company Branch and the co-founder Josh Miller.
2:30 Do you think we’re having a “social media election”?
3:00 Thank you to SendGrid for supporting this program and making it possible to feature young startups like this. Everyone thank @SendGrid.
5:45 Welcome to the program, Josh! What is the mission of
7:00 So you used this platform because you don’t want to share with everyone on Facebook and Twitter is too short of a platform?
9:00 What was it like being at Obvious Corp.? How did you end up there?
11:30 Tyler: So this is really mimicking what’s happening in natural conversations.
12:45 Can I not search and find all of the Branches out there?
14:00 Is there a character limit?
15:15 Is there a unique revenue model for this?
17:45 How do you help a company mitigate or manage bad press?
18:30 So you raised $2M–what do you hope to be able to say one year from now?
22:30 Josh: Ours is a place where you talk about what you’re interested in with people you trust.
23:15 What got you involved with Biz and Ev?
24:45 Do you think there’s going to be some confusion with Medium coming out?
26:00 What’s happening in the design of publishing that’s making everything look like [blog template] Daring Fireball?
28:30 I think people are going to run from Facebook because it’s just too much.
30:00 What’s been the hardest part of this process?
32:00 Josh, thank you for joining us today. Everyone follow him on Twitter @joshm.
35:15 Jason airs his grievances with Tyler.
38:45 Thank you to SendGrid for supporting the program. We’ll see you next time!

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