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This week’s SendGrid Startup of the Week was Founded by Danielle Morrill, is a service that allows you to share product links with others and collect affiliate revenue on purchases of those products.

0:30 Welcome to the SendGrid Startup of the Week. This week’s featured company is
1:30 Thank you to SendGrid for making this show possible! Everyone go to and thank them @sendgrid.
3:15 With me today is Danielle Morrill, the founder of How’s it going?
4:00 Do you find that offering a commission is the significant motivator or is it being an expert in an area?
4:45 Is this primarily through the Amazon affiliate program?
7:00 Have you run into people who think this feels a little scammy?
8:00 How do you mitigate against someone coming in and re-pinning everything and spamming the ecosystem?
9:30 What do affiliates pay today?
10:15 What was it like being accepted to Y Combinator?
12:00 What’s the five year mission?
13:15 What was Demo Day like for you?
14:30 Do you think it’s pretty easy to get an investor meeting if you’re a YC company?
17:15 What’s the hardest part of launching your company been?
20:30 How do you think Amazon views social commerce?
21:00 Do you feel like there have been any additional challenges because you’re a female founder?
23:00 What do you think has made you entrepreneurial?
23:30 We hear a lot about the talent drought. Is it impossible to find developers today?
25:00 If people were interested in working for you, should they email
25:30 Danielle, thank you for joining us, I wish you continued success. Thank you to SendGrid for their generous support and we’ll see you all next time!

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