SendGrid Startup of the Week 8: David Hauslaib of Pop-Up Pantry



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This week’s SendGrid Startup of the Week was Pop-Up Pantry. Co-founded by David Hauslaib, Pop-Up Pantry is a gourmet food subscription and delivery service, now available in 48 states.

0:00 Welcome everyone, today’s SendGrid Startup of the Week is Pop-Up Pantry.
0:45 People ask me, how do you get amazing guests? It’s because they’re great entrepreneurs!
2:00 Thank you to SendGrid for supporting the show! Everyone thank @SendGrid.
4:45 David, you came out of Mark Suster’s Launchpad LA, right?
5:45 How does it come to you?
8:30 What do they meals cost?
11:00 David displays how the meals arrive.
14:15 Tell me about your partnership with Master Chef.
17:00 Was it your idea to cook for GRP?
19:00 Is it risky to go for high-end food?
22:45 When you start doing the math, the takeout bills start adding up and you realize you could have saved with Pop-Up Pantry.
22:30 How do the pricing tiers work?
24:45 How many dinners come in each box?
26:45 How do you protect against food spoilage?
27:45 How do you manage the order volume?
30:00 What’s the funding state of the company?
31:30 Have you thought about making a vegan version of this?
35:30 How did you get Neil Patrick Harris as an investor?
38:45 David, congrats, I think you’re off to a great start. Everyone check out and give David some feedback!
40:45 What’s the main difference between this company and the last?
42:00 Everyone thank at SendGrid for making this show possible and we’ll see you next time!

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