SendGrid Startup of the Week 9: Dan Foody of Cloze

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This week’s SendGrid Startup of the Week was Cloze, the social communication management platform co-founded by Dan Foody.

0:00 Welcome to SendGrid Startup of the Week.
1:00 Thank you to SendGrid for making this show possible. Everyone thank @SendGrid.
2:45 Dan Foody of Cloze is our guest this week. Welcome, Dan.
3:15 I found Cloze fascinating because it’s something that I wanted to have.
4:00 Explain to the viewers exactly what Cloze is and why you build it.
6:00 How do you fire back up a business relationship once it’s gone stale?
6:45 What is the score that I’m seeing here on my contacts?
8:15 What’s the revenue model?
9:00 Where do you see this going?
13:45 Why would you build this for individuals instead of giving this to the CIA?
15:30 Are you worried about privacy issues and the amount of information you’re analyzing here?
16:45 What was the reaction when you pitched this to Greylock?
19:00 Why was Priority Inbox a bust?
21:45 Is the new method of communication just to give people a light signal that you’re aware of what they’re up to?
23:00 What’s it like to run a company in Boston?
25:00 Have do you find talent if it’s not there in Boston?
25:45 What’s the biggest win you’ve had from a beta tester?
27:00 Discussion of sous vide techniques.
31:30 Dan, continued success, everyone check out We’ll see you all next time, on the SendGrid Startup of the Week.

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