ShareFile 10 Questions from Top Investors


The “This Week in Startups” staff created a special “10 Questions from Top Investors” episode. We scoured our archive and pulled out some of the best material from our 425+ episodes. In this special episode you’ll see –

  1. David Cohen answer “What does a startup have to show to get a VC’s attention?”
  2. Chris Dixon answer “What do you think about taking money from strategic investors?”
  3. Joanne Wilson answer “How do you decide to invest in a first time entrepreneur?”
  4. Dave Mcclure answer “What are the signals you look for when meeting with an entrepreneur?”
  5. Brad Feld answer “What do you look for when making investments?”
  6. Steve Jurvetson answer “What have you learned in the last 20 years from being a VC?”
  7. Fred Wilson answer “What’s your advice to get Fred Wilson as an investor?”
  8. Kevin Rose answer “What do you think makes people want to invest in a company?
  9. Naval Ravikant answer: ”

    Why is this go small or go lean strategy the best?”

  10. Mark Suster & Eric Ries answer: “What is the biggest problem we see with entrepreneurs and the companies they start?”

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