Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman: victory through taking ownership, increasing velocity & cultivating talent | E1362



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Show Notes:

00:00 Jason intros the interview
01:44 Why Frank decided to write the book (order here:
05:30 Why “all great products start with great architecture”
09:49 Intellectual honesty is integral to diagnosing problems
11:38 Marketerhire – Get $500 off your first hire at
13:09 Taking over and increasing the talent density on a team
15:54 Why most organizations avoid confronting and correcting mistakes
23:23 Fellow – Sign up and get $1000 in credits at
24:50 Managing intensity
25:39 How hiring top talent leads to victory (the definition of victory is breaking the enemy’s will to fight)
28:19 Relationships and reputations are defined in the hard times by taking ownership
31:47 Taking risks is essential to success in business
32:53 Keep high standards, people pitching need to be bursting with excitement
35:42 FanDuel Sportsbook – Sign up with promo code TWIST to place a special $1000 risk-free bet at
37:32 Drivers vs. passengers, getting the right people on the bus
40:38 Organizations should be governed on influence, people need to go direct
43:30 Why Frank is still optimistic about America and entrepreneurship
48:39 Things cannot be all about you as CEO, the organization needs to be empowered to be accountable
51:22 The difference between people that start things and the people that run things
54:17 Intellectual honesty is the bedrock of being a great operator
57:37 Increasing velocity by narrowing scope
1:00:55 Being mission-driven by “Starting with Why”
1:02:34 Most people don’t lean in enough when managing the growth model of the business
1:06:57 Setting big goals
1:07:53 Ubiquitous win-win deals are not possible

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