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On the inaugural episode of our SendGrid Startup of the Week show, Stephen Svajian of YBUY discussed his new rent-to-own model for high-end merchandise.

1:00 Welcome everyone, I’m here today with the very first SendGrid Startup of the Week!
2:30 Thank you to SendGrid for their support of this program. Everyone thank @sendgrid!
4:00 On the program today is Stephen Svajain from YBUY. So what does it do?
4:45 Explain the $25/month fee model.
6:45 What’s the reaction been to the sous vide product?
7:15 If I keep a product, does the $25 go toward the purchase price?
7:30 Why buy from you over Amazon?
10:30 These items are all pretty high-end. How do you choose them?
13:00 Are considered purchases the ones that work the best?
13:45 Who is the top vendor you’re working with and what do they think of you?
14:45 How do you explain the value proposition to a startup like Jawbone?
16:45 Which single item has had the fewest returns?
18:45 How did you arrive at the 30 day trial period?
20:30 Does the customer have to commit to trying something every month?
22:15 Doesn’t it cost money to ship big products like this?
23:15 What’s the status of the business, are you raising money?
25:30 Have you raised an angel round?
27:00 What happens if Amazon goes into this business?
31:00 When will you put a product like a car on here?
33:45 It’s got shades of the leasing craze of the 80s.
35:45 How do you know when you’ve won with this business?
36:45 I think it’s a great idea and I’m going to try it. I wish you continued success, Stephen.
38:00 What did you pay for the domain name?
38:00 Thank you to SendGrid for supporting the show. We’ll see everyone next Friday, for another installment of the Startup of the Week.

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