E556: NYT bestselling author Steven Kotler (Tomorrowland, The Rise of Superman, Bold, Abundance) on science fictions turned fact, technologies becoming exponential, what terrifies scientists, & what triggers flow




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Joining Jason today is Steven Kotler, NYT bestselling author of “Tomorrowland” & “The Rise of Superman,” co-author (w/Peter Diamandis) of “Bold” & “Abundance,” and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project. Jason and Steven dive deep into entrepreneurs’ unique opportunities now to change the world, the science fictions that have already become science fact (hello, bionics!), the gathering steam (and storm) of exponential technologies, which world issues are currently terrifying scientists & which attract needless worry, the triggers & (amazing) benefits of the flow state, what ONE thing drives most successful people, and much more — all while trying to outdo each other in “Blade Runner” quotes. Join us!

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  • Paul Towers

    I read the book Bold a couple of months back and found it very eye opening. As Peter and Steven pointed out in that book the opportunities available to entrepreneurs is greater now than ever before. The power of exponential growth has decreased costs, opened up computing power and made emerging technologies (such as 3D printing, drones, etc) open to anyone regardless of where they reside.

    All you need is an internet connection and the determination to make something happen and you can being your journey to embark on something truly transformative.

    It was interesting to here Steven’s thoughts on technology given his experience in this field and how he found himself working in this space after being introduced to Peter in the early days of the X Prize. + I now have another book to add in my reading list with Tomorrowland.

  • austin43424@mail.ru

    I hear some of episode and i like to so much them. In the last one l did’t hear but one of my friend tell me the story about this and i mean this was also nice for us.