E771: Best of Europe #STHLMTech: Future of Games with Unity’s David Helgason & Future of Investing (& pitches) with BackingMinds, Norrsken, Wellstreet





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about this episode

First up at Stockholm Tech Fest 2017 hosted by Tyler Crowley, Jason talks to David Helgason, founder of Unity, the leading creation game engine in the world. Then Jason and Tyler head over to the Future of Investing and talk with BackingMinds, Norrsken & Wellstreet about the fundraising scene in Europe and hear pitches from their favorite startups.

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  • Simon Currey

    A breadth fresh air to listen this Episode in the UK there’s a mother knows best attitude to start-ups. Older less less agile minds trying to impose their ‘wisdom’ on entrepreneurs. This leads to conservatism, timid investment strategies and ultimately investors failing to achieve meaningful exits.