E742: Stockholm Startup Showcase with Tyler Crowley: Tictail connects world’s best designers; FishBrain levels up fishing with data; Simris pioneers agribusiness with algae; Venue crowdsources live music experiences




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Something has happened in the past decade, which is very unique. The world has gotten smaller, and entrepreneurship has spread across globe. When we look at the breakout successes in the tech space, it was rare to see huge breakout success anywhere outside of Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York. A couple of years ago, we started to see in Europe, specifically in Stockholm, a number of companies starting to become worth wildly over a billion dollars, such as Spotify, King, and Soundcloud. Today, Tyler Crowley introduces 4 innovative Swedish startups. The first co-founder is Carl Waldekranz and his startup Tictail, which is an online marketplace that brings together the world’s best designers in fashion, home decor, and arts. Next is co-founder Johan Attby of FishBrain, which is an online platform that collects data to create a tailored experience in sport fishing. Then founder Fredrika Gullfot pitches Simris, which takes a sustainable approach to agribusiness through harvesting algae. The final founder is Mikael Lenart and his startup Venue, which is taking an innovative approach to live music by connecting artists with existing fans to create shows. Join us and learn about how and why Stockholm is the leading startup hub in Sweden.

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3:20: Jason introducess his former TWiST co-host Tyler Crowley

12:59: Tictail pitch

15:49: Jason shares his feedback, including why he thinks Tictail is a fascinating business

32:00: FishBrain pitch

37:40: From investment angle: Is there some unique business model that would allow this business to print money?

48:41: Simris pitch

52:00: Question about the technology of farming algae

01:01:28: Venue pitch

01:13:29: Jason and Tyler vote on their #1 and #2 votes on which companies they would most want to invest in and/or own 5% of

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