E511: CEO/Cofounder Stu Wall created Signpost to help local businesses find new customers, nurture existing ones & become world-class marketers



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Jason’s guest today is Stu Wall, CEO & Cofounder of Signpost, a cloud-based marketing software that gives local businesses the power to build and manage customer relationships. Stu walks us through his product’s innovative features and shares Signpost’s strategies for empowering its clients (and their clients). What follows is a great discussion, including Jason’s earliest impressions of Stu as a quality founder, Stu going door to door to find his first customers (hello, Stu’s barber!), how he guided the company through a tough pivot to its current tremendous success, how as a founder one stays grounded while scaling up, Stu’s ingenious hack in figuring out which cities to expand into (hint: go where the talent is…!), how investors with operating experience are incredibly helpful, the work ethic of millennials  — and much more.

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