Sunday VC School: how investors work together + Prime Movers Lab’s Ramez Naam | E1367



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00:00 Jason and Molly introduce the show
01:54 Sunday VC School – how investors work together
06:53 How collaboration varies across investing stages
08:43 Odoo – Get your first app free and a $1000 credit at
09:49 Why seeing other late stage investors be passive in a deal is a warning sign
11:20 How raising from more investors can be actually be easier than raising from a few
15:44 Lead investor responsibilities
20:09 Fellow – Sign up and get $1000 in credits at
21:38 How VCs can win over founders
26:44 Do VCs get offended by what order they get into a startup?
29:16 Will investors still invest if the founder picked another VCs term sheet?
31:33 Molly and Jason introduce the next segment
33:25 Revelo – Get 20% off the first 3 months by mentioning TWIST at
35:10 This Week in Climate Startups – Ramez Naam
37:55 Advancing existing technologies vs. inventing new ones
42:19 Early stage climate investing
46:43 The declining costs of renewable energy
52:52 Confronting climate tech skeptics
57:06 How writing science fiction impacts Ramez’s investing

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